The Magic Arena (or MTGA) Leaderboard works a little different than the other ones. You enter by registering on MTGMelee for free. The leaderboard there is a weekly event, but only your best 5 finishes per season count. For more information go here and here.

If you are participating, do not forget to select your region here before your second event, or you will be put under ‘other’.

RankQualifying PointsPointsDaysNameRegion
11031539Teddie AnderssonSweden - Malmö
21031479jelle lauwersBelgium - Merksem
31021449Robbe SchildermansBelgium - Ghent
4901248Thijs WeytensBelgium - Ghent
5891117Karl ListerUnited Kingdom
6871289Niels ViaeneBelgium - Ghent
7851289Peter JönssonSweden - Malmö
885916Lars Meeussen#N/A
9831107Thanh VanBelgium - Kortrijk
1080957Nathan Gotlib#N/A
11751149Thomas LittleUnited States
1269695Sander De QuickBelgium - Ghent
1365655Howen KingBelgium - Kortrijk
1465655Ben BelmansBelgium - Ghent
1560605Alan SchuerBelgium - Ghent
1657575Ward Beutels#N/A
1756564Alexander SilnichenkoBelgium - Merksem
1852738chiara snoeckxKortrijk
1948483Thomas Conmy#N/A
2040402Renzo Verkooren#N/A
2128281Jamal Arman#N/A
2219191Cyril Germain#N/A
2319192Tom De WaelBelgium - Bredene
2415151Lennart CoppensBelgium - Kortrijk
2513131Magnus WibergSweden - Malmö
2611111Quinten CauwelierBelgium - St.-Niklaas
27991Damiën Knockaert#N/A
28771steven knudsenSweden - Malmö
29661Emma Mangodt#N/A