The Magic Arena (or MTGA) Leaderboard works a little different than the other ones. You enter by registering on MTGMelee for free. The leaderboard there is a weekly event, but only your best 5 finishes per season count. For more information go here and here.

If you are participating, do not forget to select your region here before your second event, or you will be put under ‘other’.

RankTotal PointsEvents PlayedNameRegion
1525Sander De QuickBelgium - Ghent
2455Joseph RygaardSweden - Göteborg
3375Richard MoreauSweden - Malmö
4325Robbe SchildermansBelgium - Ghent
5294Lars MeeussenBelgium - Kortrijk
6293Peter JönssonSweden - Malmö
7262Mathias ThorgrenSweden - Malmö
8242Teddie AnderssonSweden - Malmö
9243Ben BelmansBelgium - Ghent
10151Yens GoethalsBelgium - Ghent
11131Niels KokOther
12132Tobias HafflingSweden - Malmö
13111Mats ClaysBelgium - St.-Niklaas
14101Tom De WaelBelgium - Bredene
1581Niels Onink#N/A
1681Renzo Verkooren#N/A
1761Skyler Varnes#N/A
1841Louis Debuf#N/A