The events for this leaderboard take place in the “Gemeenschapscentrum Sas in Bredene”, Prinses Elisabethlaan 47 on every first Saturday evening of each month. Fore a detailed explanation of how you get points and what they do go here.


RankPointsGame DaysName
1191De Wael, Tom
2181Schuer, Alan
3171Beutels, Ward
4161Clause, Quinten
5151Van Holsbeek, Kristof
6141Keymeulen, Kobe
7131Derous, Bjorn
8121Goddyn, David
9111Callens, Lindsai
10101D'Herckers, Yannick
1191Viaene, Niels
1281T'Jampens, Michiel
1371Tack, Pieter
1461Goddeyn, Aisha