Gentry Open XVIII

Jan 28th 2024, 15 players. Winner Pepijn Degryse

Article and decklists incoming.

Gentry Open XVII

July 9th 2023, ?? players. Winner Dylan Botten

All data on this event was lost.

Gentry Open XVI

Jan 28th 2023, 11 players. Winner Sander de Quick

You can find all decklists here.

Gentry Open XV

August 28th 2022, 15 Players. Winner Sander De Quick

You can find the top 4 decklists here.

Gentry Open XIV

April 10th 2022, 26 Players. Winner: Alan Schuer

You can find the final report with the top 8 photo and decklists here.

Gentry Open XIII

September 12th 2021, 23 players. Winner: Renzo Verkooren

This was the first Gentry Open that could take place in real life again and the first one that took place in de Vrolijke Viking. You can find the final report with top 8 decklists here.

Gentry Open XII

April 11th 2021, 16 players. Winner: Tom De Wael

There is not so much coverage on this event, you can find Tom’s winning decklist here. A funny anekdote is that this is also the first Gentry Open where Niels Viaene, the spiritual father of Gentry, played in and made it all the way to the finals.

Gentry Open XI

September 13th 2020, 19 players. Winner: Renzo Verkooren

This event was almost canceled due to unforeseen circumstances but in the end we had an online event with coverage here.

Gentry Open X

April 11th 2020, 41 players. Winner: Psymon007

This event took place less than a month after Covid-19 shut down the world and you can read more about it here. It was the first of the online Gentry Opens.

Gentry Open IX

September 22nd 2019, 43 players. Winner: Glenn Janssens.

Little did we know that this would be the last Open event Gentry would visit Outpost Gent, its home for the early years. After this event Covid-19 happened and then the Gentry Open moved to de Vrolijke Viking. All decklists and coverage can be found here.

Gentry open VIII

April 20th 2019, 54 players. Winner: Ruben Naudts

A fun aspect of this Gentry Open is that the trophies were introduced, and with that, all Champions were invited to collect theirs. You can see those pictures, decklists, and coverage here.

Gentry Open VII

September 2nd 2018, 54 players. Winner: Sander De Quick

You can find the top 8 decklists and coverage here.

Gentry Open VI

April 8th 2018, 63 players. Winner: Peter Steenbeke

Gentry Open VI could be called ‘Rise of the Scarab God’. This was buoyed by people taking Gentry deckbuilding a lot more serious than the community had been up to now. But instead of keeping some well-crafted tech a secret like the St. Niklaas community did in the 3rd edition, Jelle Gyselinck was sharing his knowledge with everyone. Decks became a lot more streamlined all of a sudden and we ended up in a format that was very control heavy.

Peter ended up on top of the pack, sporting a Scarab God deck that refused to let him lose.

Gentry Open V

September 16th 2017, 51 players. Winner: Aron Fonteyne

The fifth edition of the Gentry Open showed further maturation of the format. Players outside the local beginning scene started showing interest in the format. Aron was one of those that caught wind of the format and decided to see what the big fuzz was about.
This event also marks the return of Tom Vandevelde, our beloved Gentry writer, who shared his story in an article.

Gentry Open IV

April 15th 2017, 45 players. Winner: Alan Schuer

Alan Schuer started playing Magic shortly after Gentry Open III and really took to the format. He is probably one of the most dedicated and succesful players to touch the format. Seeing him crowned champion was a big deal for many people, as seeing a local part of the community and a very new one at that taking hone the trophy was amazing.

The jump in attendance was caused by this event being the first to get more extensive support from different sponsors.

Gentry Open III

September 17th 2016, 26 players. Winner: Michiel van den Bussche

This event marks the rise of the first community besides Ghent. Michiel came from St. Niklaas with a team worth of testing under his belt. They found a deck that no one saw coming and swept the event. You can find the video coverage of the event here.

Again Tom Vandevelde delivered, but trumped himself with a series of articles for this one. With Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 telling you the entire story.

Gentry Open II

March 26th 2016, 26 players. Winner: Jelle Gyselinck
This event was called League Standard Finale at the time, with it, we did the name change to Gentry.

Luca Van Deun, Kasper Brauns, Jelle Ghyselinck, Sander De Canck, Nick Vandenbroeck, Stijn Bogaert, Niels Vandevelde and Tom Vandevelde were the top 8 players. The only content we have of the deck is Tom Vandevelde’s Article on becoming 3rd.

Gentry Open I

September 7th 2015, 25 players. Winner: Arthur Hugaert or Jelle Gyselinck

In the first true edition of the Gentry Open we invited people to play Competitive for the first time. At the time, there was no legacy for the format or the event, and the finalists split the last round. A way to declare a winner was called and in the public announcement, Arthur was crowned the winner of the first Gentry Open, a fact that has been refuted by Jelle. Perhaps a settlement match is in order? We have found a record of the decklists they played.

A fun fact about Jelle’s deck? He casually wandered in the day of the event, not intending to play it. He was offered a deck, made by Pieter Tack, changed a few cards, and entered the event. When he made the finals he unknowingly started the trend of competitive players trying out Gentry and doing well in them.

The rest of the Top 8 was Tom Vandevelde and Jimmy Aelbrechts as semifinalists, and Yannick Sagaert, Joeri Claes, Lars Meeussen en Rob Meuleman as quarter-finalists. All decklists and the original announcement of the winner are here.

Gentry Open 0

December 4th 2014, 46 players. No winner

This was not really a Gentry Open, it was an event that looked a lot like a Leaderboard event, with 3 or 4 rounds, and prizes going out based on match results. In many ways, this is where the League and Gentry started for real. As far as I know, the only thing left of it is one post on facebook: