The Gentry Invitational is back! Finally, the one Magic event more fun than the Gentry Open is a thing again.

Some of you will remember the Gentry Invitational and its fabled history, for some of you it’s an entirely novel concept. Either way, great news, we’re bringing it back! If you remember what the Gentry Invitational was, feel free to skip the next paragraph as that’s my inner historian coming out.

In the times before the plague, there was a beautiful duality on the Gentry calendar, with the Gentry Invitational and Open book-ending the season at the start and end, respectively. The Invitational was a private, invite-only 8-player event hosted in Niels’ home and live-streamed for Gentry and Magic enthusiasts the world over to see.

The return of the invitational will no longer be held at Niels’ house, because he has a lovely bar now! Can’t imagine you don’t know of it yet, but it’s called De Vrolijke Viking in Gent. We’ll be hosting the invitational there, in the same format as before. This means free pizza for the invitees! The tournament itself will be an 8-player single elimination bracket and all matches will be played sequentially, so we can show all viewers all of the action.

The 8 invite slots will be filled by the following eight players, all of whom have been important to Gentry’s history:

  1. Sander De Quick (that’s me!) – Gentry Open Champ
  2. Dylan Botten – BM Gentry event Champ, Gentry Open finalist
  3. Boyan Bosschem – Gentry deckbuilding legend
  4. Aron Fonteyne – Gentry Open Champ, Gentry’s biggest supporter
  5. Alan Schuer – Gentry Open Champ
  6. Tom De Wael – Gentry Open Champ, Gentry Open End Boss
  7. Arthur Hugaert – Gentry Open Champ
  8. Sander De Rudder – Wildcard

The event is held as a celebration of new cards entering the format, to show off interesting deck ideas and to get hyped for the coming season of Gentry. So players will not just submit one decklist! Each player will be asked to send in three decklists, and Niels will make sure we have the most diverse field possible.

So tune in on December 11th at 13:30 over on to watch us duke it out, hang in chat and talk with Niels and any of us who join in for some co-casting!

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