By Niels Viaene

Before we get started, I want to take some time to let you know about a change to this leaderboard! With Episode 10, we are resetting the leaderboard. This happened because the current sseason is really long (it would last for 16 or 17 episodes) and the leaderboard is sort of locked in place due to a few peak attendances in the middle of the season. Restarting the Season should give people new incentive to play for standing. That also means more rewards, with the top 5% players ow getting a bye for the April Open already. Who those people are we will see below.

4-0 Thijs Weytens
Grixis Control

Deck (60)
The Royal Scions
Jace, Mirror Mage
Shark Typhoon
Ashiok, Nightmare Muse
Swiftwater Cliffs
Sprite Dragon
Improbable Alliance
Feed the Swarm
Scorching Dragonfire
Frantic Inventory
Lofty Denial
Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor
Memory Leak
Fire Prophecy
Dismal Backwater
Bloodfell Caves
Rain of Revelation
Sideboard (15)
Essence Scatter
Blazing Volley
Feed the Swarm
Cling to Dust
Soul-Guide Lantern

Thijs went undefeated using Grixis Control, the marquee Control deck in the metagame currently. It has enough pressure to punish slower control decks, can be tweaked to have better aggro match-ups and accidentally has the Exile suit to disrupt graveyard interaction decks. The key? It can’t do all at the same time. Thijs shaved a little off the creature removal and improved his control match-up while dropping Ugin in favor of Shark Typhoon. A flexible archetype and a good choice for people that are good at sideboarding and understand match-ups well.

3-1 Jelle Lauwers
Rakdos Midrange

Companion (1)
Obosh, the Preypiercer

Deck (60)
Village Rites
Bastion of Remembrance
Serrated Scorpion
Whisper Squad
10 Swamp
Woe Strider
Anax, Hardened in the Forge
Satyr’s Cunning
Weaponize the Monsters
Goblin Arsonist
Spikefield Hazard
Bonecrusher Giant
Bloodfell Caves
Slaying Fire
Song-Mad Treachery
Sideboard (15)
Obosh, the Preypiercer
Pharika’s Libation
Blazing Volley
Final Flare
Cling to Dust
Mogis’s Favor

Weaponize the Monsters is a card that has been talked about and tested quite a lot lately. The mono red deck I played (that went 3-1 again but won’t be featured a third time in a row) ties to optimize that card but staying on 1 color AND playing Obosh, the Preypiercer really restricts what is possible, especially from the sideboard. Jelle added black in his deck choice, bringing the Aristocrats archetype back to life. It comes with more awkward interactions but really opens options up a lot. It this the future of the archetype or will it morph into a different deck altogether?

The Leaderboard

Currently at the top are Teddie Anderssen and Jelle Lauwers, the only person that can mathmatically catch up with them unless events suddenly grow is Robbe Schildermans, while both the people ahead of him have the some opportunity to grow their lead a little bit.

So we are closing it here instead of risking the leaderboard becoming irrelevant. The nature of it, the top 5 events counting, makes it that going beyond a certain events will always have this effect and now we learned about that. Congratulations Teddie and Jelle on securing your bye 4 months before the event!

See you all on MTGMelee next week for a new season of Gentry!

Niels Viaene came into contact with Magic first through the Kazz & Zakk starter set in 1996, but it wouldn’t be until 2000, around the time Prophecy came out that he actually started playing magic thanks to his nephew. Niels’ Magic career has been a roller coaster up to now, including Grand Prix Paris 2009 top 8, Pro Tour San Diego 2010 top 8, becoming a L3 Magic Judge in 2015 and managing the community effort that is the League of New and Beginning Magic: the Gathering Players, the birthing ground for Gentry since 2012. All this comes from a deep love for the game that is far from diminishing.

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