By Niels Viaene

In the previous article, we went over the goals we had for the Season, this article is more about offering you all the practical information.

What and When?

The Season IX Arena Leaderboard is a weekly free event that takes place on Magic Arena and is hosted through every Tuesday at 19:30 CET. You can find them here. The site should also show you the appropriate starting time for your time zone.

How to join?

You will need an account on MTGMelee to be able to join the event. They have a great landing page with all the information you need to get started.

For the first edition of the event, the stream will be on an hour before the start to help people out with any issues they may have. That stream will always be on when there is an event for you to gather in, chat about your matches, vent about your loss and brag about your sick plays.

During the registration, you will be asked to assign yourself to a region through a google form. You can also do this beforehand, and you only need to do it once per season. Once chosen, you can not change it, and if you have not selected a region before your second result, you will be put in the ‘other’ region. This has an impact on how and if you will receive byes for Arena Gentry Open XI, and we want to avoid people taking advantage of smaller regions.
So make your region choice as specific as you can, at the end of the season, we will intelligently combine regions if needed. For example, if it turns out there are multiple Swedish regions, and some are under 16 players total, they will be combined into ‘Sweden’ before being lumped into ‘other’ if that gets them to 16+.

Getting started

To help everyone get into things, the first edition of the Arena Weekly will be a practice session that does not count for the leaderboard. Your opportunity to get your feet wet without risking any unjust embarrassment on the leaderboard.

Still too scared to go for it? Then you can watch me go through all the steps as a player on the stream as well. Tune in tomorrow at 19:00 CET to cheer or mock me. ;D That stream is also your one-stop-shop on every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday night for all and any Gentry related questions you may have. Don’t forget to make an account on twitch and follow to stay updated!

You can also connect with the Gentry community through Discord and Facebook.

Arena VS Real-life events

Real-life Magic, played at a physical table between two people that can directly interact, remains the main way we would like Gentry to be played. The time slot on Tuesday was chosen because it was tied for most popular in the poll and does not conflict with any other time slots that had Gentry events in the previous season.

The Arena version of the Gentry Open will be a closed system, meaning no outside organizers will be able to give byes for them using Arena (barring spectacular sponsoring and benefits to the players involved). This is to encourage them to join this tournament circuit AND to start their Tabletop season as soon as the pandemic allows for it.

See you soon,

Niels Viaene came into contact with Magic first through the Kazz & Zakk starter set in 1996, but it wouldn’t be until 2000, around the time Prophecy came out that he actually started playing magic thanks to his nephew. Niels’ Magic career has been a roller coaster up to now, including Grand Prix Paris 2009 top 8, Pro Tour San Diego 2010 top 8, becoming a L3 Magic Judge in 2015 and managing the community effort that is the League of New and Beginning Magic: the Gathering Players, the birthing ground for Gentry since 2012. All this comes from a deep love for the game that is far from diminishing.


  1. bart


    It seems there is an issue with the region selection form.
    The player ID is marked as a numeric field, and my player ID contains alphanumeric characters.
    Or am I just doing this totally wrong?

    • Niels Viaene


      You probably did it right. There was an issue with the form that has been corrected. Thank you for commenting to point it out!

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