Hey everyone, glad to be back after some technical issues in July causing us to switch to Challonge. All registration will now run directly through

And yes, registration for August is still open until 7/8 at 6 PM!

Challenger Series

The final Challenger Series Qualifier will happen on the 21st of August, in the evening with a starting time of 7 PM. Registration for this can be found at

Gentry Open Prep

Since the Gentry Open is fast approaching (22nd of September!), this seems like an ideal time to do some more Gentry streams to showcase some cool decks and try to get a clearer view of what the meta might look like. Feel free to send me all your cool deck ideas or insights, or let me know if you want to join in for one of these streams!

Starting the 21st of August, every Wednesday starting at 7 PM over at

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