It has been quite a while since there was organised Gentry action on Arena, but now that the Gentry Open has passed we’re back in full swing! Without further ado, let’s take a look at the calender of upcoming events!

07/05 – 03/06: Gentry Leaderboard: May

18/05: Gentry Challenger Series Qualifier 1

04/06 – 01/07: Gentry Leaderboard June

29/06: Gentry Challenger Series Qualifier 2

02/07 – 29/07: Gentry Leaderboard July

27/07: Gentry Challenger Series Qualifier 3

30/07 – 26/08: Gentry Leaderboard August

24/08: Gentry Challenger Series Qualifier 4

27/08 – 20/09: Gentry Leaderboard September

07/07: Gentry Challenger Series Finale

As you can see every event for the upcoming season is already scheduled, for your planning convenience! Registration for the first 2 events listed is open, you can find them using the links below:

Gentry Challenger Series:

In case you missed all previous communication around this new tournament series, I’ll quickly go over how this works.

There are 4 qualifier events, anyone can register for these events. Those events will be using the Swiss pairings system followed by a top 8 cut. Both finalists of this event will receive an invite for the Challenger Series finale, an 8-man single elimination event where the winner will be awarded a bye for the Gentry Open.

Gentry Leaderboard events:

In case you’re unaware of the Gentry Arena Leaderboard, this is a 4-week event with one match happening every week. Pairing always go up on Tuesdays, after which you’ll have a week to play your match.

As always, all these events are hosted through the Battlefy platform and communication happens through our Discord server. All further information can be found over at

Shameless plug:

Starting the 1st of May we’ll have a monthly stream, on the first Wednesday of each month (provisional planning, this might change) where I will be playing Gentry with a guest and talking about Gentry as a format, decks we’ve been working on, our vision of the meta, and so on. This will be at minimum one hour long but might run longer as long as we have things to talk about.

The first ‘episode’ will be over at starting at 6 PM CET on Wednesday 01/05. The first guest will be Gentry Open Champion Ruben Naudts, AKA Sythokhann!

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