As our March leaderboard draws to a close I’m happily presenting you with a little update regarding the goings on of the Gentry scene on MTG Arena!


Somewhere in the first week of April, after the March leaderboard has ended, you’ll be seeing an article pop up talking in depth about the Arena leaderboard events, the seasonal winner and interesting/strong decks we saw throughout the months. For now, you’ll have to make do with the news that during April there will NOT be a leaderboard event. Due to the timing of the Gentry Open we deemed it better to start the new season in May. More on registration and changes (yes exciting changes on the horizon!) for this event in the next article!

One-shot events:

Naturally, we don’t intend to leave you without Gentry options during April. We’re trying something new in these One-Shot events, these events will take place over the course of a single day. The first one is the Gentry Challenger Series Preview event, more on that below!

Calendar for these events:

Gentry Challenger Series Preview – Sunday 07/04

Conquest Gentry – Sunday 14/04

This is inspired by the Duo Standard format as played in the Mythic Invitational. Players will submit 3 decklists, which will be posted publicly as the event starts. You and your opponent each choose one of your opponent’s decklists which is then banned from play that match. Then you and your opponent for the round play a Best of 1 game with either of your decks. The winner of that game then retires the deck they won with and play the second game with their other submitted deck. There is no sideboarding in this format, the first person to win with both of their unbanned decks wins the match. This event will be swiss pairings followed by a Top 8 single elimination.

Gentry Open Side Event – Saturday 20/04

    More info on this event will be announced very shortly!

Double Tap – Sunday 21/04

No fanciness, just regular old Best of 3 Gentry matches. The tournament will be Double Elimination meaning your second loss will end your run in the tournament.

Each of these April tournaments will have a single winner, who will receive a lot of respect and love from the community for their win! Oh and there might be another reward somewhat down the road but hush, secret plans.

Gentry Challenger Series:

This was already announced during the Gentry Invitational but will be explored a bit further here. The Gentry Challenger Series aims to offer a consistent tournament experience on MTG Arena akin to what you might expect in paper. We’re absolutely not retiring the match per week leaderboard for this, they will exist next to each other to offer as many ways to play as possible!

We’re starting of with a preview event on 07/04, where all participants will face off in a number of swiss rounds as determined by the number of players followed by a cut to single elimination top 8. The winner of this event will receive a bye to the upcoming Gentry Open (does not stack with other byes).

Then, at 4 soon to be announced dates during the next season, a similar event will be held. The Gentry Challenger Series events. These events will not each hand out a bye but rather will qualify both finalists to participate in the Gentry Challenger Playoff, a single elimination Invitational-style tournament a couple of weeks before the end of the season, where the winner will receive a bye for the Gentry Open. This playoff event will be livestreamed.

Shameless plugs:

Gentry Challenger Series Preview registration page:

Discord Server:

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