By Niels Viaene

Sander De Quick

Gent leaderboard

Main deck (60)
Hostage Taker
The Scarab God
Ravenous Chupacabra
Dusk Legion Zealot
Siren Lookout
Sailor of Means
Gifted Aetherborn
The Eldest Reborn
Vicious Offering
Fatal Push
Blink of an Eye
Hieroglyphic Illumination
Siren’s Ruse
Consign // Oblivion
Evolving Wilds
Submerged Boneyard
10 Swamp
Liliana, Death’s Majesty
Golden Demise
nicol bolas, the ravager
Sideboard (15)
Moment of Craving
Hieroglyphic Illumination
Forsake the Worldly

Lars Meeussen

Gentry End Boss

Main deck (60)
Dark Bargain
the Eldest Reborn
Supernatural stamina
Plague Mare
Liliana, Death’s Majesty
Dusk Legion Zealot
gifted aetherborn
thrashing brontodon
Elvish Rejuvenator
Vivien Reid
naga vitalist
Vraska, Relic Seeker
Nissa, Vital Force
Settle the score
Vicious offering
Evolving Wilds
Foul Orchard
Sideboard (15)
Cartouche of Ambition
Cartouche of Strength
Moment of craving
Appetite for the unnatural

Peter Steenbeke

Open Winner

Main deck (60)
x Blink of an Eye
x Essence Scatter
x Fatal Push
x Negate
x Siren’s Ruse
x Supernatural Stamina
x Syncopate
x Vicious Offering
x Deep Freeze
x Ixalan’s Binding
x Profane Procession Flip
x Cloudblazer
x Dusk Legion Zealot
x Gifted Aetherborn
x Muldrotha, the Gravetide
x Ravenous Chupacabra
x Sailor of Means
x Tatyova, Benthic Druid
x The Scarab God
x Golden Demise
x Renegade Map
x Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
x Evolving Wilds
x Forest
x Island
x Plains
x Submerged Boneyard
x Swamp
Sideboard (15)
x Cancel
x Duress
x Forsake the Worldly
x Fragmentize
x Fungal Infection
x Negate
x Plains

Jelle Gyselinck

Creative Deckbuilder

Main deck (60)
Ravenous Chupacabra
dusk legion zealot
profane procession
militia bugler
liliana, death’s majesty
dark bargain
skittering surveyor
supernatural stamina
vicious offering
forsake the worldly
plague mare
gonti, lord of luxury
the eldest reborn
knight of grace
ajani, adversary of tyrants
forsaken sanctuary
evolving wilds
10 swamps

sideboard (15)
cartouche of ambition
blessed light
forsake the worldly
moment of craving
fungal infection

Steffi Peeraer

Wild Card

Main deck (60)
18 x Mountain
x Sunscorched Desert
x Khenra Scrapper
x Shock
x Goblin Motivator
x Fanatical Firebrand
x Nest Robber
x Viashino Pyromancer
x Brazen Scourge
x Inferno Jet
x Bloodrage Brawler
x Ahn-Crop Crasher
x Lightning Strike
x Banefire
x Chandra, Torch of Defiance
x Goblin Chainwhirler
x Hazoret the Fervent
Sideboard (15)
x Implement of Combustion
x Firebrand Archer
x Magma Spray
x Cartouche of Zeal
x Destructive Tampering

Joris Verhelst

Open Rookie

Main deck (60)
Llanowar elves
Martyr of dusk
Saproling migration
Song of Freyelise
Shanna, Sisay’s Legacy
Pride of Conquerors
Militia Bugler
Glint-sleeve artisan
Jungleborn pioneer
Gallant cavalry
Huatli, radiant Champion
Shalai, Voice of Plenty
Angel of invention
Carnage Tyrant
Tranquil Expanse
Evolving wilds
Sideboard (15)
Vine mare
Broken bond
Moment of triumph
Feral prowler
Cartouche of solidarity
Giant Spider
Squire’s devotion

Sander De Rudder

Sint Niklaas leaderboard

Main deck (60)
Blink of an Eye
Cast Out
Chromium, the Mutable
Cleansing Nova
Countervailing Winds
Essence Scatter
Evolving Wilds
Forsaken Sanctuary
Golden Demise
Hieroglyphic Illumination
Meandering River
Sailor of Means
Seal Away
Submerged Boneyard
Sunscourge Champion
Supreme Will
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
The Scarab God
Sideboard: (15)
Blessed Light
Essence Scatter
Forsake the Worldly
Gideon’s Reproach
Sacred Cat

Branco Neirynck

Pro Player Invite

Main deck (60)
22 mountain
fanatical firebrand
ghitu lavarunner
viashino pyromaster
ahn-crop crasher
Firebrand Archer
hazoret the fervent
soul-scar mage
bomat courier
lightning strike
the flame of kelt
wizard's lightning

sideboard (15)
blazing volley
build to smash
blur of blades
act of treason
open fire

Niels Viaene came into contact with Magic first through the Kazz & Zakk starter set in 1996, but it wouldn’t be until 2000, around the time Prophecy came out that he actually started playing magic thanks to his nephew. Niels’ Magic career has been a roller coaster up to now, including Grand Prix Paris 2009 top 8, Pro Tour San Diego 2010 top 8, becoming a L3 Magic Judge in 2015 and managing the community effort that is the League of New and Beginning Magic: the Gathering Players, the birthing ground for Gentry since 2012. All this comes from a deep love for the game that is far from diminishing.

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