We all know the names of our beloved champions of Gentry, the ones on top of the leaderboards. With envy we watch them win again and again, but do we really know these people? Who are they? Where did they came from? And how is life at the top of Gentry? Let’s find out in a series of mini articles, in this one we take a better look at the ones fighting for victory in our two Ghent leaderboards.


#1 Jelle Gyselinck aka ‘Snelle Jelle’ foto van Gentry.

There’s one undefeated leader in Ghent. The always awesome and epic Jelle Gyselinck, conqueror of Gentry, winner of tiaras, victor of Gentry open tournaments, deckbuilder extraordinaire, creator of fun, supporter of Thraben inspectors, and so on. He conquers both leaderboards: Outpost Ghent and World’s End Comics & Games are his battleground. We spoke to Jelle after his victory at Outpost, when it became clear he was on top of both Ghent leaderboards.

What do you love about Gentry?

“The format is super interesting, I love brewing decks and this is just the ideal format when it comes to that. It’s original and budget friendly. But above all, I love the community, it’s a really nice group of people.”

What’s your favorite Gentry legal card?

Cloudblazer is one of my favorites. Right now, Gonti, lord of luxury and Sunscourge Champion are also on top of my list.”


But what about the Rivals of Jelle…

At World’s End …

And in the right corner we have … Lars ‘Virtuoso’ Meeussen. If you do not know Lars, you haven’t been around Gentry much. Always in for a good time, Lars finds the deck he likes most and plays it beautifully. You’ll find him playing Gentry events in Ghent, and ocassionally Bredene as well. But the skies of Gentry are certainly not the limit for Lars, as he competes for glory at PPTQs and GPs, this man has places to go and tournaments to conquer.
So it makes a lot of sense to see Meeussen right behind Jelle, in second place at World’s End Comics & Games. In a thrilling match they drawed the finale at the very first leaderboard there, which got Jelle first place and Lars a well-earned second place. What are Lars’ thoughts? We went and asked.

What’s your favorite Gentry legal card?

“That must be Whirler Virtuoso, the focal point of my new deck which I used at the World’s End leaderboard.”

What is your favorite Grand Prix moment?

“At GP Brussels we played our first Gentry Charity side event, I loved it!”

Any thoughts on current leader Jelle?

“Jelle is really smart and I can’t stand him because he is my best mate.”


The Siege at Outpost Gamecenter Ghent

May I present to you, the official bearer of the Ghent Gentry Tiara, Niels Vandevelde! Last Thursday this man took the Tiara and kept it, which makes him an official threat for Snelle Jelle. Of course we, already knew he was. Niels has been ranked in the top of our charts since the beginning of Gentry, then called League Standard. We find him at Outpost Ghent almost every Thursday, drafting or playing Gentry. So, what thoughts roam in the head of this intelligent and awesome person?

What is your favorite Gentry legal card?

The Scarab God, because it wins every time.”

What do you like about Gentry?

“Since you have to brew decks yourself, you see a wide variety of decks. Everyone plays a different deck.”

What do you think about Jelle?

“He is one of the best players and deckbuilders of the League (of new and beginning…), he always ends up 4-0 when he plays.”


That’s it for now, but keep in mind that anything is possible and there’s a lot of other Giants of Gentry out there. Maybe you are one yourself! Join our leaderboards to find out!
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As a wonderful friend of mine often says,
Des bisous et du mana,
See you at our next events <3


Thanks to Cécile pour les bisous en du mana, and Michiel for the title idea Giants of Gentry.
Thanks to Jelle, Lars and Niels, who didn’t mind me aksing annoying questions, taking pictures and putting them on the interwebz 😉
Proofreading: Tom Van de Velde
Editing: Bastiaan Smis
Written by Anouk Burny

Anouk is a Magic Enthusiast and Level 1 Judge from the Ghent area. Apart from judging events she has found it her duty to make the events she plays in and judges as fun and comfortable as possible. She is one of the driving forces behind the Lady Planeswalkers Society in Belgium and strives for equality among all players.

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  1. Cécile


    Wonderful article Anouk,
    congratulations on spreading such enthousiasm about Gentry and putting light on your players.
    des bisous et du mana,
    You rock!

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