Hi everyone! My name is Fran. Playing Magic since Origins/for a small year I’m not the most experienced of the pack, but I do have a decent Gentry record and I like to believe I brew some interesting decks. Last Gentry tournament I went 4-0 for the first time so let’s break down what I was playing: uW Tempo.

The idea

The idea came how it often comes. I’m a big SaffronOlive fan. During his “budget magic” series he presented an aggro white weenie deck based on one principle: play efficient creatures and play a lot of them. The card that symbolizes this principle is Savannah Lions, which is a 2/1 for one white mana. I didn’t want to play white weenies though, but I did see an opportunity…

Reflector Mage. From the day the card was released I wanted to build a deck it was made for: UW Tempo. Combining the Savannah Lions and the Reflector Mages seemed interesting and fun to play so I started brewing, brought the deck to last season’s last Gentry event, went 3-1, and got myself a bye in the finals! (where I got completely annihilated playing my other deck)

The additions

After the rotation and the introduction of SOI ‘uW Tempo’ received some great additions:

Stitched Mangler: a tapper. He taps a creature and it doesn’t untap, leaving a body in the process. This is obviously great for tempo and can give your Savannah Lion(s) a ticket to life total damage (possibly twice). The fact that it enters the battlefield tapped is not a real downside in this type of deck: blocking is not what you’re going for anyway.

Compelling Deterrence: instant speed bounce with an extra. I like bouncing creatures and again it clears the way for the Savannah Lions. But the instant speed does it for me. When it’s my turn I don’t want to “waste” mana on bounce spells; I want to play creatures and as many as I can. On their turn on the other hand… The ½ Mind Rot if you have a Stitched Mangler in play is nice and a fun little extra. (Great alternative: Just the wind)

Thalia’s Lieutenant and Always Watching: a couple of excellent rares. Thalia’s Lieutenant has great synergy with the other creatures: 80% are Human and the Lieutenant does like Humans… Pure value. Always Watching gives +1/+1 and vigilance and although that doesn’t seem like thàt much, in fact it is. No more trading with thopters and scions, extra damage, being able to block after attacking, etc. In this deck it’s absolutely amazing.

Fran is a relatively new player that has taken Gentry to heart. His consistently good finishes earned him a spot all the way on top of the Gent leaderboard. To add more to this achievement, Fran is usually seen with decks he developed himself.

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